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Hi there,

Been a long time since our last post. We have been really focused on one sole task, creating a new app (iOS only by now). And we are happy to announce the new app is finished and up and running on the app store.

The new app includes:

• Compatibility with Apple Music. This means you will be able to connect Apple Music with Playmoss and listen to the majority of the songs are blocked on Youtube. YAY!
• Share to Instagram functionality.
• Multi-tag search engine.
• Playlist recommendations, liked playlists sections.
• Complete new easier-to-use interface
• And dozens of other small improvements.

Please let us know your thoughts!

  • ControlP5 Hace 11 meses

    Wooow! Coooool!

  • Imran Khan Hace 11 meses

    Is there an Android version?

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Hello music lovers!

We are developing a brand new app. We believe that you all should choose which features will be included. Below, is a link to some questions about potential functionalities. Don’t forget to sign up for beta testing of the new iOS v2.0 application, at the end of the survey. Thanks!

  • mav Hace un año

    also, i would literally cry if you made it so artist and song names were standardized rather than the name of the youtube video, and you could edit them to make sure they were accurate

  • wideawakening Hace un año

    don´t use iOS ¯\\_(ツ)_/¯ suggestion, invest in general features that would benefit everyone. there´s still much to be inproved in terms of musical discovery and experience

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Hello from Playmoss!

Today we are releasing our new Chat feature. This addition will allow users to directly message each other through Playmoss, creating a more social environment across the platform.

Chat will be available for all users. To start a conversation, you and the other user in the chat must be following each other. Only Plus and Pro users can start conversations without restrictions.

In order to start a chat, visit the user’s profile and click on the “Message” button. If the button is hidden, that user must login again for this feature to be activated.

We hope this new component will make it easier for you to connect with other users. Please feel free to send us comments about these changes

Happy listening! More features to come ;)

- Playmoss Team

  • User disabledcomments_user_disabled Hace un año

    Thanks PlayMoss! :D

  • nereida Hace un año

    cool! it was pretty hard to connect with other users before

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Hi everybody,

Sorry for the long silence. We have implemented new features!

Improved search engine: We have improved significantly the playlist search engine, which is now faster and more accurate.

Song limit per playlist (Basic users): As promised, from today on, if you get Playmoss points you wil be able to create longer playlists, i.e. with 1,000 points you can build a playlist with 20 songs. The more points you earn, the more songs you will be able to add to your playlists.

Private navigation mode (Plus users): Plus accounts have a new feature: You can now navigate in private mode. If you don’t want that other users see you’ve visited their profile, go to “Settings” and check the “Navigate in anonymous mode” box.

Uploading songs (Pro users): And what's more cool, from today on Pro users can upload songs to private playlists, combining them with music from other platforms.

Please consider upgrading your account to Plus or Pro. It will help us build a better and cooler platform.

If something isn't working properly, please write us at

More features coming soon!

  • helvetune Hace un año

    Thanks for the update! Will adding SoundCloud tracks be an option anytime soon?

  • Noizchild Hace un año

    So that explains the technical difficulties you were having last week! You will just giving us shiny new features!

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