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Heaven's Grief Brings Hell's Reign

Once upon a time, one of the eldest angels was a loyal son. He was called Lucifer: the Morning Star, the Lightbringer. And oh, did he shine. (1) Then, one day, his Father told him “Make it be s más...

Once upon a time, one of the eldest angels was a loyal son. He was called Lucifer: the Morning Star, the Lightbringer. And oh, did he shine. (1)
Then, one day, his Father told him “Make it be so”, and he dared to ask “Why?”. At this, a stir went through the rest of the Heavenly Host. To defy was a notion completely alien to them. But Lucifer was quickly cowed by his own disobedience, and soon he bowed to his Father.

As time passed, rebellion curled and coiled in the loyal son’s chest. (2) He started to whisper to the angels who were most fascinated by this new concept of insurrection, and they began to sharpen their swords. (3)
Like a serpent, Lucifer and his followers rose up and attacked. (4-6) Brothers and sisters were slain as Michael rallied the resistance and fought back. The battle was long, and blood was flowing freely throughout Heaven before the rebellion was stifled.

Despite the regret roiling in his heart, Lucifer held his head high as he and his remaining followers were forced to the edge of Heaven. Even now, his pride would not let him kneel- and he would never repent for his actions.
His closest brother, Michael, held him as he sent lightning coursing through his divine eyes. (7) And then he was falling,
falling, so fast his feathers were blackened from the burning heat. (8) When he finally hit the Earth, Lucifer had nothing but pain and regret. (9)

The pain faded quickly, but the regret lingered. (10-12) Lucifer and his Fallen healed, and as the years passed they gradually regrouped. But even as the Lightbringer’s soul started to twist and blacken, still he wondered what it would be like to be in Heaven again. (13) To not only be accepted, but favored-

The realization and the surety that followed it came to him like lightning. He was his own person, free of chains with the Earth at his fingertips. (14) The fall was the best thing that could have happened to him, for it made him into a king. (15)

It was easy enough to grow serpent’s scales and tempt his Father’s favorite new creations into the beautiful thing called Sin. And with the tainting of these mortal souls, Lucifer was suddenly drawn to the empty, flaming caverns that his Father had created for them. What better way to get back at his Father than to not only doom his humans, but burn their souls as well?
Lucifer and his Fallen drove out the angels guarding the realm, and he claimed the fiery darkness as his own: Hell. (16)
He was a king, and now he had a kingdom. Now he had a throne.

The Lightbringer’s divine eyes, once a pure silver, blackened like an abyss as both Heaven and Man branded him Satan. (17) The powers of Sin became his to wield, and with them he began to craft his subjects- corrupted human souls known as demons.
Centuries passed, and his legions grew. Six of his favorite demons were crowned as Princes of Hell, and though Lucifer took on the title of the seventh Prince, he remained King.
He would always be King. (18)

Today, as humanity flourishes, so does Sin and so does Hell. Lucifer watches and waits, for he knows that one day, his child will take his first breath.
And with them, he will tear down the stars. (19-21) ...menos

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