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26/giant nerd/amateur scientist by day, bard by night (United States)

I have more mixes than this but they're on 8tracks. ;n; New stuff and FFXIV stuff is gonna go here though.

Songs of a deep friendship, of fears allayed, hearts mended,…
  • 0 tracks > 5 months ago
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Songs of a life lost too soon, a love never realized, and a…
  • 12 tracks > One year ago
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A playlist for Dariel Deephollow, elf ranger of the Ballad…
  • 13 tracks > 2 years ago
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A mix for new adventurers, leaving home, and the myriad…
  • 19 tracks > 3 years ago
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Songs of music, inspiration, hopes and fears. A mix for…
  • 13 tracks > 3 years ago
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Songs of love, loss, and starlight. A mix for Ayla…
  • 11 tracks > 3 years ago
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