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Privacy Policy

1. Acceptance of the Privacy Policy

PLAY MOSS, S.L., a company incorporated under the Laws of Spain, having its registered address at C/ Pere IV nº 29-35, 6º - 7ª, 08018 Barcelona (Spain) and bearer of the Tax Identification number ES B-66.199.563 (hereinafter “PLAY MOSS”) is aware of your concerns ( “User” or “Users”) on the processing of your personal data by this organization. For this reason, PLAY MOSS is committed to safeguarding the privacy of this information and has designed and implemented a Privacy Policy following the current legislation on this matter.

It is necessary that for the use of the website (“Website”) the User accepts this Privacy Policy. This Privacy Policy shall be accepted by the User when accessing the Website and using the services and content offered in it (the “Service” or “Services”). Equally, the Privacy Policy shall be expressly accepted when Users decide to create an account or a private profile in the Website by completing and sending the forms requested for this purpose.

Users that access PLAY MOSS through social networks or become fans, followers or other of PLAY MOSS will be subject to this Privacy Policy as well as that of the social network, for which we recommend you first check both privacy policies before creating a profile.

If the User does not accept the terms of this Privacy Policy, the User must abstain from accessing the website and using its Services.

2. Data supplied by Users

In order to Access all Services, Users must create an account or private profile and disclose personal data as well as non-personal data accessible by other third parties other than PLAY MOSS, by completing the form available in the Register section. In order to protect access to the account or private profile by third parties, users must create a personal password.

To be able to register and access all Services, Users must always disclose their name and surnames, an email address and a password.
The data completed by the User in the Register section must be known to be authentic and true. No false or inexact data must be registered, or other that might induce error. The User guarantees the authenticity and veracity of all data supplied to PLAY MOSS and will be solely responsible for all false or inexact manifestations, as well as data that might induce error.

The Users of the Website will always voluntarily supply data that PLAY MOSS might require at any given time. If the User decides not to supply such required data necessary for the registration at PLAY MOSS, the User will be unable to access all Services. However, the User will be able to continue using certain Services for which it is not necessary to register with a private account.

3. Data obtained automatically

Once the user is registered at PLAY MOSS, this will enable access to all Services, and users will be able to share files and information with each other. All files and information that the Users voluntarily supply in the website will be automatically stored by PLAY MOSS.

4. Processing of personal data

PLAY MOSS will process the data in a confidential and exclusive manner (fairly and lawfully) in order to offer its Services, following all legal and security guarantees stated at Spanish Law on Privacy (Ley Orgánica 15/1999, de 13 de diciembre, de protección de datos de carácter personal) and the Spanish Law on electronic commerce (Ley 34/2002, de 11 de julio, de Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio Electrónico). PLAY MOSS will require express previous consent from Users in order to use data supplied by these for purposes other than offering its Services.

The personal data supplied by the Users will be included in an automated file of personal data for which PLAY MOSS will be owner and responsible. This organization states that the automated data file containing personal data has been notified and filed at the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

By voluntarily supplying personal data whilst completing and submitting the registration form, as well as using the Services, the User is thereby giving consent to the processing of personal data by PLAY MOSS with the purpose of managing the use of the Services, in addition to receiving information and reports related to the Website through the website itself or via e-mail.

Users will be able to access forums in which, prior registration and allocation of a username, they will be able to participate in online conversations and exchange opinions related to the Services offered by the Website. In no case will there be any information or personal data disclosed other than the username of any other User. With the voluntary and optional publication of personal data in the forums using the tools supplied by the Website, the User is aware and consents that such data will be accessible to other Users at PLAY MOSS.

Your personal data is confidential and PLAY MOSS is committed to its safeguarding, and therefore will not be disclosed, sold, transferred or supplied to any third party without previous and express consent by the User. GDPR recently introduced Data Portability, meaning the storage and transfer of user data, which can be requested at any time by contacting our support team.

PLAY MOSS will not be liable for any incidents that may occur relating to personal data when this is a result of an attack or an unauthorized access to the system in a way that it is impossible to detect by the implemented security measures, or when it is due to a lack of diligence by the User regarding the guardianship and custody of its username and passwords or their own personal data.

At any time the User will be able to modify the registered data, private data as well as non-personal data contained in its public profile in PLAY MOSS, as many times as they may consider necessary.

This organization will give the User the right to access, modification, cancellation and opposition of the personal data supplied and incorporated to the automated file. In order to exercise these rights, the user must notify PLAY MOSS at the following e-mail:

5. Collection and use of non-personal information (cookies)

PLAY MOSS will be able to use cookies during the provision of its services in the Website. This will enable PLAY MOSS to know when the website is being visited and the number of users. Additionally, PLAY MOSS will be able to identify the search engine and the IP address of the User. We use our own cookies as well as third party cookies in order to improve our services and show publicity related to your preferences by using an analysis of your browsing patterns. If the User continues to browse through the website, we consider the User accepts its use and gives consent to it. The User may change the configuration and reject the use of cookies through its personal account.

6. Degrees of Privacy

Users may protect the content published on the Website through different degrees of privacy choosing who can access the content. For example, Users may choose to disclose their images only to other Users that have been added by them; to all registered Users; or to any third party that visits the Website. The configuration of the degrees of privacy will be managed from the user account.

7. Links

The organization controls the links to all third parties that may be found in the Website to the effect of insuring that all links follow the laws of intellectual property.
PLAY MOSS wants to state its willingness and commitment in defending all copyrights and not to promote directly or indirectly any illicit activity, such as providing intermediate services to third parties who subsequently use them to infringe intellectual property rights. If the user exits the Website by entering a third party link, PLAY MOSS will not be liable for the Privacy Policy of this third party.

8. Modifications

PLAY MOSS reserves the right to change its Privacy Policy unilaterally without prior notice at any given time and without the need to justify the cause. In the case that PLAY MOSS introduced any modifications or changes to its Privacy Policy, PLAY MOSS will inform of the contents of these modifications or changes through the Website.

However, the User will always ensure if there have been any changes to the Privacy Policy in the Website when accessing the Website. In case of any changes or modifications to the Privacy Policy, you will only be able to continue using the services if you accept (explicitly confirm the approval of) the totality of the new Privacy Policy and its terms, including the modifications and changes introduced. After the incorporation of new content in the Privacy Policy, the User will declare having read and accepted all new content.

In the case of modification, change or resolution of any of the content in this Privacy Policy relating to a Sentence or any judicial resolution issued by a competent judge or tribunal or under an award made by an arbitrator or a court of arbitration, the other contents that have not been modified, changed, or resolved will remain in force and shall apply to both parties.

9. Applicable law and jurisdiction

This Privacy Policy shall be governed by the current Spanish legislation at all times. Any controversy derived from the use of the Website on behalf of the User, as well as any issue that might occur from the interpretation, application and fulfilment of this Privacy Policy shall be exclusively submitted to the jurisdiction of the Judges and Courts of the city of Barcelona (Spain).

This Privacy policy has been reviewed and updated on the 23rd of May 2018.