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Hi everybody,

Sorry for the long silence. We have implemented new features!

Improved search engine: We have improved significantly the playlist search engine, which is now faster and more accurate.

Song limit per playlist (Basic users): As promised, from today on, if you get Playmoss points you wil be able to create longer playlists, i.e. with 1,000 points you can build a playlist with 20 songs. The more points you earn, the more songs you will be able to add to your playlists.

Private navigation mode (Plus users): Plus accounts have a new feature: You can now navigate in private mode. If you don’t want that other users see you’ve visited their profile, go to “Settings” and check the “Navigate in anonymous mode” box.

Uploading songs (Pro users): And what's more cool, from today on Pro users can upload songs to private playlists, combining them with music from other platforms.

Please consider upgrading your account to Plus or Pro. It will help us build a better and cooler platform.

If something isn't working properly, please write us at

More features coming soon!

  • ash @ Helvetune 6 weeks ago

    Thanks for the update! Will adding SoundCloud tracks be an option anytime soon?

  • Noizchild 6 weeks ago

    So that explains the technical difficulties you were having last week! You will just giving us shiny new features!

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Hi there,

Our Plus and Pro accounts are now available for everybody. So if you feel Playmoss makes sense and makes your life a little bit better, please consider upgrading your account. It will allow us to carry on improving the platform and to continue developing great features, such as the creation of posts and unlimited and long private playlists.

Starting today, and for the next week, we are offering a YEARLY Plus membership subscription for €10/$10 ONLY. Consider this more as a sign of support rather than a subscription. ⇨ ⇨ ⇨ Upgrade HERE ⇦ ⇦ ⇦.

Besides that, we also wanted to let you know that the cool playlist recommender is now available to all users. You will find the recommended playlists on your Feed section marked with the tag “Recommended for you”. Please send us some feedback.

Yes, this is our particular Black Friday... (and the cool GIF is by Laurène Boglio)

  • joeSeggiola 4 months ago

    What happens to playlists with more than 15 tracks if one does not upgrade from the gratis plan?

  • Ohrcvlt 4 months ago

    WTF?! 15 songs per list for Basic User?

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Trending tracks on Playmoss (October 2017).

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Hi there,

We are happy to announce that, from today on, you will find recommended playlists on your Feed section.These playlists are marked with the tag “For you,” and are recommended just for you. We are still working on it and won’t be available for everyone yet. Please send us some feedback!

On the other hand, unfortunately, SoundCloud have just changed their terms of service and Playmoss does no longer support it. But we have started an automatic migration from SoundCloud to YouTube and most of your SoundCloud tracks will automatically be replaced with YouTube tracks during the week. Please check your playlists to confirm all the SoundCloud tracks have been replaced correctly.

Finally, we have fixed some bugs in the player and the search engine that arose in connection to the last point. We hope it works properly now.

More news very soon, stay tuned!

  • rodimusprime 5 months ago

    thanks for the update, it seems pretty good. One question though? could you do something about the text color it´s very hard to read

  • rodimusprime 5 months ago

    at least when writing comments