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"These stories are the veins of the world. They bring with them life, and through them, well all connect at the heart." A playlist for Bloodlines, my fantasy series which I am currently writing. As I more...

"These stories are the veins of the world. They bring with them life, and through them, well all connect at the heart."
A playlist for Bloodlines, my fantasy series which I am currently writing. As I find more songs, I may incorporate an explanation or blurb here, detailing why it is included. Thanks for listening.
1- The Emotional Ost Zone- Ioreth. Not often were images of the past conjured so freely, but as the notes of the piano and the violin began to rise, York thought he saw a glimpse of sunlight through windows, cast out of the trees, and thought he was home once more.
2-Eivør - Í Tokuni. The Kimor Valley. Innocuous in name, but hides the world's greatest dangers in the roots of the trees. Though the snarling beasts and the foreboding mists may disturb some, there was an undeniable, ethereal beauty to it, the sort of beauty that belonged only to the most ancient places of the world.
3-Love and War- Fleurie. Adrial was his first, great love, with hair like fire and a beautiful burning heart to match. But her soul remained with her people, her battalion, her duty. There was nothing left to do but shut his heart away, fold the poems he wrote for her, and bury both far beneath the dirt.
4- The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, Official Soundtrack #29: Farewell, Old Friend. Romance and tragedy should never be close. Valen always strived to live in the former, but found his life shaped far too often by the latter.
5- Mir Da'len Somniar- Dragon Age Dalish Lullaby. Kaylor did not remember much about his mother. His father told him of her kindness, her smile, her spirit. But Kaylor only remembered one thing; the lullaby she sang him every night, before he fell asleep.
6- Two Steps from Hell, A Hole in the Sun. Magic was said to be divine or damned, and with the flames encircling his hands, York doubted the nature of his gift was anything holy. It terrified him, dredged up old fears and doubts, but none of that mattered. His enemy was before him, and now, he had the means to defeat him, once and for all.
7- Medieval Ballad, Winterwolf. The Northern city of Barrostrad, constantly plagued with storms and ice, has stood for years in defiance of the natural progression of the outside world, and it will stand for millennia more.
8- Snow White and the Huntsman, Something for What Ails You. The King and Queen hide behind a veil of benevolence, shielding their inhumane acts from the world. They looked upon the loving masses they have deceived, and smile.
9- Stabat Mater, Woodkid. Perhaps once, things were better. Our lives were not plagued by strife and war and grief. Perhaps, once, we were happy.
10- moow, ballad of the lady. For once, Baliah was at peace. The rolling hills of the sky islands stretched out before her, covered in gently glowing flowers and barely swaying trees. Home was never the most peaceful place, but now, she felt... content. She felt loved.
11- Griffin McElroy (Cover), Voidfish Plural. As the armies gathered at their lines, shifting in nervous tension, the sounds of grating armor and stomping hooves faded away. Milo stood once more, death thrown from his shoulders like an old cloak. He knew this was his last chance, his final gift to his friends. Raising the violin to his neck, he raised his bow, and began to play.
12- Arcanum: Of Steamworks and Magic Obscura Soundtrack 1 Main Theme. Telk's funeral was held at sunrise. It was a mound of stones atop a mountain, the gravedigger without even the skill to add a headstone. But he would always remember his teacher, his mentor, his friend. ...less

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