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Confessions of a Cybergirl

[there's a sequel to this mix ://digital_disintegration.mp3: it is much more electronic/ambient/no lyrics than this one originally created may 2015] she sits cramped in a dark room, face more...

[there's a sequel to this mix ://digital_disintegration.mp3:
it is much more electronic/ambient/no lyrics than this one

originally created may 2015]

she sits cramped in a dark room, face illuminated by monitors, binary codes flowing through her blood. she's apathetic to much, a byproduct of losing some of your humanity to machinery, but it enables her to infiltrate systems easily and accomplish what she sets out to do.

she lives in a city with an artificial sun yet it's still somehow always dark and always raining. neon signs abound and people from all walks of life fill the streets but she never makes eye contact.

[each song corresponds to each following paragraph:]

she plugs herself in, recharging after a long day. during this time she dreams of old memories.

the power that comes with the electricity was all she ever wanted and she surrendered to it. she fused herself with a motherboard and entered a new being.

she's built this body for herself and no one can take it from her. she's part machine but she's still herself.

a bit of her face has been chipped off, frayed wires hang off her cheek. she refused to take what she was given and had to run from droid control.

she took to the underground for a while to allow enough time to pass so the outside world could forget her. the pervasive inequalities that were above still ran rampant down below and she knew this had to change.

after she awakens, she hooks herself again into the mainframe. sound bytes reverberate in her mind as she reconnects.

she's constantly connected to the .net, her identity unknown to those who are trying to find her. she lives on her own because entanglement has only complicated things and privacy is the best way to achieve her goals.

she creates music with every keystroke as she travels through the .net.

her ex still sends her letters, reminiscing on what they once had. none of these letters have been answered yet they still come.

they fell in love at nineteen, her eyes flitting across the screen but it was all a reflection, a missed connection.

after being cooped up inside for too long, the streets are her favorite place to be.

she walks down the street, eyes straight ahead as always, but there's always so many people on the streets that bumping into someone is inevitable. when they collided she could hear her voice short circuiting, that had never happened before.

she no longer has a heartbeat but that didn't stop her from feeling like it skipped a beat.

sometimes when she malfunctions the sound of him escapes her lips, he is meant to destroy her. she fights against that voice, and she's still here.

she reminds herself it's a new year and she came to conquer, she has her armor and she's ready to take on the world.

she is indestructible. she shines in the neon light and under the moon; always moving with a purpose, she wipes the sweat from her brow.

she's always wandering, she's free and it will never end. ...less

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