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A.I Love (Side A)

Personality: more...


彼女は信じられないほど親切で思いやりがありますが、レオン博士がグリッチされた1.0セルフでハード再起動した後、彼女は1.0セルフよりも非常に簡単にハッキングして故障します 彼女の過去を思い出します。

She's incredibly kind and caring, but she is very easy to hack and breakdown than her 1.0 self, after Dr. Leon did a hard reboot on the glitched 1.0 self, She has forgotten her past life and is trying her best not to get hacked again and remember her past.

Atari is really smart, and likes technology and computers. She is quiet, shy, and booksmart, but she also likes to drink tea too. She is sort of a fancy girl, and she has a tsundere personality. She is friends with Tap, Shifty Peri and Ninten but she just doesn't know it due to her memories being missing.

Birthplace: The Internet

Birthday: May 5 2001 (A reference to "ILOVEYOU virus")

Species: Cyborg

Eye colour: Black and cyan

Hair colour: Navy

Hobby: Making music, surfing the nets, Drawing, Pop'n duel, tap dancing

Likes: Music, Pop'n Music, Youtube, surfing the nets, Technology, Plushies, Pop'n duel, Tap, Shifty, and Peri

Dislikes: Breakdown, Hack, Slow connections, No Wi-Fi, Virus, Trojans, Malware, Spyware, Being laughed at/hummiliated, talking about her past, the darkness, being annoying while working, Ruby

Dr. Leon: The creator of making Atari 1.0 and 2.0 Shifty, Peri, Tap, And Ninten

What he looks like:

Shifty: A white and gold robot like Atari who always have pride in him

What he looks like:

Peri: A black and red robot like atari (Not to be confused with Atari darkness) who protect the lab and Dr. Leon from danger.

What he looks like:

Tap: Atari's crush He was built from Dr. Leon as a the oldest brother in the family

What he looks like:

Ninten: Dr Leon's latest robot, Offen a wall flower and a older sister to Atari

What she looks like:

Attack: G-Glitch on you! (あなたのG-グリッチ!, Anata no g-guritchi!)

Damage: Error! (エラー!,Erā!)

GOOD Play: A-Alright t-then (大丈夫, Daijōbu)

BAD Play: Oh no.. (あらいやだ.., Ara iyada..)

WIN: I-I won (私は私が勝った !, Watashi wa watashi ga katta!)

LOSE: Oh d-dear (ああ、こんにちは..., Ā, kon'nichiwa...) ...less

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