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No Living With A Killing || A Laura Kinney Fanmix

Compiled for an AU Laura Kinney RP account, with inspiration drawn from "Logan", her appearances in Marvel comics, and Laura's original appearance in X-Men: Evolution. Since so many songs from more...

Compiled for an AU Laura Kinney RP account, with inspiration drawn from "Logan", her appearances in Marvel comics, and Laura's original appearance in X-Men: Evolution.

Since so many songs from Youtube and Soundcloud will no longer work with Playmoss, here is a list of the tracks as they were:

-----PART I: When Things Explode-----
✖ RUSSIAN CIRCLES - Chelsea Wolfe
(There stood wild heart / And I have been slain / Head full of ghosts tonight / Have I gone insane?)
(“Heading to the Massacre / Bodies arriving every day / Look at those shells you heard / Picking the bones up along the way / Let it ring out.”)
✖ THROUGH THE VALLEY - Ashley Johnson
(“And I'll fear no evil because I'm blind to it all / And my mind and my gun they comfort me / Because I know I'll kill my enemies when they come.”)
✖ GRAVES - Whisky Shivers
(“Who’s gonna dig theses graves? / Somebody help me dig these graves, I can't do it all my own.”)
✖ R.I.P. TO MY YOUTH - The Neighbourhood
(“Might go to Hell and there ain't no stopping / Might be a sinner and I might be a saint / I’d like to be proud, now I'm ashamed / Sweet little baby in a world full of pain.”)
✖ VALLEY OF THE DOLLS - Marina and the Diamonds
(“In the valley of the dolls we sleep, we sleep / Got a hole inside of me, of me / Born with a void, hard to destroy with love or hope / Built with a heart, broken from the start / and now I die slow.”)
✖ IRON - Woodkid
(“From the dawn of time to the end of days / I will have to run, away / I want to feel the pain and the bitter taste / Of the blood on my lips, again.")
✖ NUCLEAR - Mike Oldfield
(“I'm nuclear / I'm wild / I'm breaking up inside / A heart of broken glass / Defiled / Deep inside / The abandoning child.”)
✖ LOST SOULS - Raury
(“Pistol in my hand, hatred in my heart / I’m sorry for, painting that view / View of violence, into your subconscious, what the TV does too / I mean who could you blame?”)
✖ SCAB & PLASTER - Marina and the Diamonds
(“You brought me up just to bring me down / I’ve nothing left to say / I've lost, I've lost my innocence / I’ve found my self-belief / And in a cup of loneliness / I've found instant relief.”)
(“Destroy everything you touch today / Destroy me this way / Anything that may desert you / So it cannot hurt you.”)
✖ PASSING THROUGH - Everett Coast
(“I never stay too long / Oh, I'm on the run / Oh, I'm on the loose / Keep up and I'll show you where I'm heading to / I’m burning like the sun / Always on the move / Keep up, cause I'm just passing through.”)
(“Your skull-fucked little lives / In shadows where you hide. / A life that was designed / You’ve been cheated... oh... so blind.”)
✖ SCAB & PLASTER - Marina and the Diamonds
(“You brought me up just to bring me down / I’ve nothing left to say / I've lost, I've lost my innocence / I’ve found my self-belief / And in a cup of loneliness / I've found instant relief.”)
(“Where's the crime in crawling out alone / From the cradle to the grave unknown / Whats the sense of suffering the pain / When they'll betray you time and time again.”)

-----PART II: Everywhere I Go-----
✖ EVERYTHING IS LOST - Maggie Eckford
(“My hope is blood on broken glass / A shattered hole, a scattered past / And I can't wake up cause the darkness won't let go … / There are angels and demons at war inside my chest.”)
✖ SOUL OF A MAN - Irma Thomas
(“I've travelled different countries / Travelled to the furthest lands / Couldn’t find nobody could tell me / What is the soul of a man?”)
✖ BLOOD ON MY NAME - The Brothers Bright
(“Oh, Lazarus, how did your debts get paid? / Oh, Lazarus, were you so afraid? / When the fires, when the fires have surrounded you / With the hounds of hell comin' after you / I’ve got blood / I’ve got blood on my name.”)
✖ DESPAIR - Mirel Wagner
(“Despair came riding on the crest / of a big black wave / and I was like child looking / for a safe place to hide / despair was standing with its jaws open wide / and it swallowed me whole in to the / big black night.”)
✖ HUMAN - Ellie Goulding
(“I don't know what it's like to be alive / To say goodbye, to cry a thousand tears // I am so scared of what I'll look like In the end / For I am not prepared / I hope I will get the chance / To be someone, to be human.”)
✖ SAVAGES - Marina and the Diamonds
(“Is it running in our blood? / Is it running in our veins? / Is it running in our genes? / Is it in our DNA? / … / Yeah, we can bad as we can be good.”)
✖ BLUR - Tremble
(“I am a shadow of my soul / Hollow and cold / In the chaos, this is where I stand / Pain runs like rivers / Through the valleys of my veins that all flow together / And wait for me to swim inside the silence of my heart.”)
(“You better run, run from the devil / You better run, run from the devil.”)
✖ GALLOWS - Brown Bird
(“I don’t know, I grow so tired / Of the battle of wrong and right / That’s waged inside / Every time you speak your mind / We’re the same damn kind / Or don’t you know?”)
✖ HEAVYDIRTYSOUL - Twenty One Pilots
(“Can you save / Can you save my / Can you save my heavydirtysoul?”)
(“Danger will follow me / Everywhere I go / Angels will call on me / And take me to my home / These tired eyes just want to remain closed.”)
✖ CORPSE ROADS - Keaton Henson
(“And I'm so damn scared / Of dying without you / But I've come prepared / Resolved for my life to wear a funeral suit. / And don't lie, don't lie / Don’t lie I know we're fixing to die.”)
✖ WEIGHT - Lee DeWyze
(“You can't do this anymore, but what are you really fighting for? / Time won't slow down and wait for you. / Theres only so much one can go through.”)
✖ ON THE LEVEL - Leonard Cohen
(“My lost, my lost was saying found / My don't was saying do / Let’s keep it on the level / When I walked away from you / I turned my back on the devil / Turned my back on the angel, too.”)
✖ HURT (JOHNNY CASH PIANO COVER) - Philthy Plays Piano

-----PART III: Miles Adrift, Inches Apart-----
✖ BROKEN - Unkle
(“Three long years I've been crying here / I’m over, I'm over, I'm over, I'm broken / Strung out on the wings of the dawn / Hole in the back, soul in the storm / Torn down through the cracks in the dark / We’re miles adrift, we're inches apart.”)
✖ SURVIVE - Chelsea Wolfe
(“Did we travel all this way / just to survive?”)
✖ THE VAMPYRE OF TIME AND MEMORY - Queens of the Stone Age
(“I've survived, I speak. I breathe, I'm incomplete / I'm alive, hurray, you're wrong again coz' I feel no love / Does anyone ever get this right?”)
✖ MOTHER - Florence + The Machine
(“Oh lord, won't you leave me / Leave me on my knees / Cause I belong to the ground now / And it belongs to thee / And oh lord, won't you leave me / Leave me just like this / Cause I belong to the ground now / I want no more than this.”)
✖ BUTTERFLY - Raury (Prod. Danny Parra)
(“Sometimes I wish I could be a butterfly / Flying by, flying high / Sometimes I have visions of suicide / Take it away, help me erase.”)
✖ BAD BLOOD (MAZOJA REMIX) - Alison Mosshart & Eric Arjes
(“Good lord give me peace / from life long of pain and greed but not yet / I’m not done payin for my crimes.”)
(“Mouths are dry / River runs / Hands are tied / Preachers son / Pack your things / Leave somehow / Blackbird song / Is over now / Don’t be scared / I’m still here / No more time / For crying dear.”)
(“There are cracks in the minds / Of our own humankind / That are leaking out poison and hope / Which we choose to imbibe / Is our own to decide / Be it internal life or the ghost.”)
✖ WE ARE FINE - Sharon Van Etten
(“It's okay to feel / Everything is real / Nothing left to steal / Cause we're alright / We’re alright / Tell me not to trip or to lose sight / You are walking in my dotted line / Take my hand and help me not to shake.”)
(“All you have is your fire / And the place you need to reach / Don’t you ever, tame your demons / But always keep 'em on a leash.”)
✖ NEW KID - Ex Hex
(“You're the new kid in town / Everybody tryin' to knock you down / … / And no one understands / You’re a warrior, a warrior, a warrior / You’re a warrior, a warrior, a warrior.”)
✖ RED - Beth Crowley
(“Cut me open / and I still bleed red / Do your best to get / inside my head / Cuz im gonna make you / remember my name / And i'll be the last one you ever betray / just wait / You'll be seeing red.”)
✖ ANGELA - The Lumineers
(“Were you safe and warm in your coat of arms / With your fingers in a fist / Did you hear the notes, all those static codes / In the radio abyss? / Strangers in this town / They raise you up just to cut you down / … / Oh Angela spent your whole life running away.”)
(“Turn your face towards the sun / Let the shadows fall behind you / Don’t look back, just carry on / And the shadows will never find you.”)
(“There are tears in my eyes / Love replaces fear // Every little piece in your life / Will add up to one / Every little piece in your life / Will mean something to someone.”)

Playlist art features Dafne Keen, Courtney Eaton, and art from X-23: Target X.

NOTE: not all songs are safe for work, so please use discretion when listening in public or with wee ones. ...less

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