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Garrett Hawke


sterling, he/him, super gay (US)

hi im sterling and im sorry for my emo trash music

i barely use this but i love music and playlists so i'll sometimes make one for when i stream/draw in general

i mostly just use it for mood music for w/e im drawing

most of my playlists are emo trash music because i love emo trash music

this is an art stream playlist for my demon ocs but hey if…
  • 77 tracks > 2 years ago
  • (2957 plays)
  • Playlist
you and your friends decide to go on a camping trip in the…
  • 39 tracks > 3 years ago
  • (1043 plays)
  • Playlist
You are a courier, hired by the Mojave Express, to deliver a…
  • 19 tracks > 3 years ago
  • (963 plays)
  • Playlist