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Infinite Crisis Soundtrack and Cutscene Concepts Part 2

22. Dr Robotnik's Log of Glorious Conquest, Entry 1: The Lost Hex 23. I.O.A. appears before The Doctor 24. The Deadly Six Boss Battle 25. The Regrowth of the Plunderseeds 26. The Framing of a more...

22. Dr Robotnik's Log of Glorious Conquest, Entry 1: The Lost Hex
23. I.O.A. appears before The Doctor
24. The Deadly Six Boss Battle
25. The Regrowth of the Plunderseeds
26. The Framing of a Draconequus
27. Ampelos, King of Plunder Boss Battle
28. Discord's Off to See the Cosmos
29. Gilda the Griffoness
30. Princess Celestia in Canterlot Castle
31. The Party of One
32. Meet the Doctor
33. Deletion
34. Don't Blink
36. Painting the Town Black
37. Superman's Arrival
38 & 39. Dark Tower Battle

Quotes & Info from Infinite Crisis MLP FIM Princess Twilight Sparkle Adaption Arc

King Ampelos: Thanks to Discord’s Plunderseeds, I have been given Life. I will be the one true king of Equestria!

(Party horn)
Discord: Bravo, ladies, bravo! However did you save the day this time? Blast the beastie with your magic necklaces, I presume? You know the ones you used to send me back to my extremely uncomfortable stone prison? And WHY are you all looking at me like that?
Twilight Sparkle: What. Did you. Do!
Discord: …(Chuckles) Well, Uh, Obviously, things didn't go according to my original plan. My Plunderseeds should have stolen the magic from the Tree of Harmony and captured Princess Celestia and Princess Luna thousands of moons ago. Alas, it seems that the tree had enough magic to keep the seeds from growing up big and strong. Until now, that is. However, now that this False King has been given life by my plunderseeds, it robbed you of a valuable lesson about being princess.
Twilight Sparkle: Huh?
Discord: Just what kind of friend do you think I am?

Twilight Sparkle: Half day, half night... strange weather patterns... out of control plants. I think I'm starting to get a pretty good idea of who we're up against.

Discord: (singing) Winter Wrap Up, Winter Wrap-Aaaah! DO YOU MIND?! (Snap his Fingers) Now, Twilight, you know Princess Celestia said that you were to give me a heads up before you summon me with that little spell she gave you. In case you haven't noticed, I was in the middle of a particularly invigorating shower.
Twilight Sparkle: E-nough! Release Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, and stop the Everfree Forest from invading!
Discord: Why, (chuckles) whatever are you talking about?
Applejack: Don't you play dumb with us, Discord! We know you're the one behind all of this!
Discord: Don't get me wrong. I absolutely love what you've done with the place, but I couldn't possibly take responsibility. I'm reformed, don't you remember?
Rainbow Dash: Yeah, right! This has got your cloven hoofprints all over it!
Discord: I'll have you know that I have only one cloven hoof. Such accusations. And I thought we were friends.
Pinkie Pie: Drop the act, buster! We're onto you!
Discord: Ladies, ladies, I'm innocent. Would I lie to you?
Main cast Excluding Fluttershy: Yes!
Rainbow Dash: I say we blast him back to stone!
Applejack: Works for me!
Rarity: Hear, hear!
Discord: …Fine, I understand. After all, you’ve lied to everyone else, I was beginning to feel…left out. What do friends like us do in a situation like this? Now if you excuse me, “Princess” Twilight.
Twilight Sparkle: Discord, just wait a second
Discord: (Blows a Raspberry)

Discord: I’m hitting the road; I’m off to see the Cosmos! I’m—
Fluttershy: Discord, I’m…I’m going to miss you.
Discord: Me too, flutters. No matter what anyone says, you’ll always be a friend to me.

But then again, He proposes that he can show Fluttershy and the Cutie Mark Crusaders creatures from various time periods & Universes. He IS an honorary Cutie Mark Crusader, after all. Fluttershy is unsure at first, but Discord entices her with the prospect of meeting a "Butterdragon"—a butterfly the size of a dragon.

Note: Discord was referring to Mothra when he was talking about a butterfly the size of a dragon.

After Discord left, It was business as usual in Ponyville that day as Pinkie Pie was at the counter in Sugar Cube Corner. That is, until Gilda showed up. It happened so fast. Gilda snarled and grabbed Pinkie Pie, banging her head against the counter. Gilda smirked as she carried the unconscious Pinkie Pie out of the bakery and flew off with her. However, although her anger and hatred burned through her, she couldn't help but feel the guilt and pain for what she was doing. Deep inside, she didn't want to do this. If these were Dash's new friends, fine, why should she care. If Dash was cool with being lame, then fine. However, after meeting that Cold-Hearted A.I., it seemed as if she'd would have to do many more things that she didn't want to do. But still, the sadness grew and grew within her heart. . After hours of searching for Pinkie Pie, the results have all come up empty. The Mane Four plus Spike are now beginning to become scared. Where is Pinkie Pie? The answer comes in the form of Gilda, who mocks them at how easy it was to take the pink party pony down. Dash is enraged and charges at Gilda. Gilda dodges and laughs, saying that if Dash can take her down, she'll tell where Pinkie Pie is. After a fast and furious fight in the sky, Gilda is brought down to Earth. As Dash stands over her former friend, and sees tears in the griffoness' eyes. Gilda sadly explains that she was willing to let Dash go on with her new life and be happy, even if she is dumped and forgotten about. However, she recently ran into a strange creature who made her his slave. She put a curse on her so that If she disobeyed or failed her, she's get turned to stone. As she speaks, her body begins to be petrified. Dash starts crying and begs for Gilda's forgiveness. Gilda forgives Dash and apologizes as well. Just as her head is turned to stone, Gilda whispers out her mistress's name: "The Intent on Annihilation!"


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