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Life is full of Bons Records (Barcelona, Spain)

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¡ATENCIÓN IMPORTANTE!! Todos los que queráis venir a Vespre de Bons Records — Rahaan / Pau Roca & Gon de hoy, mandadnos un correo a con asunto"Lista Casa Bonay." Por ser miembros del membership de Bons Records tenéis entrada asegurada, pero mandadnos el correo y os pondremos en lista para que no tengáis problemas en el acceso. Gracias! ¡Nos vemos en la pista de baile!

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Rahaan es uno de los artistas que más tiempo llevamos siguiendo en Bons Records. Ha editado en sellos imprescindibles para nosotros como son Lumberjacks In Hell o Disco Deviance, y sus sesiones nos han acompañado en mañanas, tardes y noches de aprendizaje musical contínuo y diggin' obsesivo. Ahora, por fin podemos traerle a Barcelona en la que será la primera fiesta 'Vespre de Bons Records', en Casa Bonay. Será el lunes 31 de octubre (víspera de festivo) de 22h a 03h. Pau Roca y Gon le acompañarán. ¡Entrada libre!

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We haven’t been able to send you the vinyl record corresponding to the first shipment of your subscription until now due to delays in the vinyl pressing.

Therefore, we have decided to skip the third quarter of the subscription, and won’t be charging you another one until the fourth.

As compensation, we have included a Playmoss tote bag in your shipment.

Apologies for the delay.

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Download Jasper Wrath - Drift Though Our Cloud (Sau Poler edit) here:

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If we put Armando, Gene Hunt and Steve Pointdexter together in a room with a few synthesizers, some rhythm boxes, a Roland 606 and a few cans of beer, what we would get is Shrimp Traxx. This very young, practically unknown Austrian artist has just made his recording debut on Bons Records with five tracks that range in style from classic to trippy, psychotic acid house. These five jam sessions, made 100% using hardware, are now appearing on the Catalan label. After an EP with a markedly 90’s house sound, Bons Records is now turning towards more ghetto vibes with a record to be spun and danced to exclusively in a house club. This is not warm-up stuff!

  • Aleix 5 years ago

    Això és la canya!

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Free entrance to Libido parties at Apolo Club, Barcelona, and to events featuring the label artists. For subscribers only.